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Lockcrete Bauer is the Retaining Wall Division for
The Bauer Company, Inc. a subsidiary of the Snyder Associated Companies, Inc. and has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Keystone Retaining Wall Products in the Tri-state region since 1995.


Design Assistance is available to homeowners and contractors. It allows a preliminary design to be prepared which allows all parties to better understand the scope of work on a proposed project.

Design Assistance will insure that the contractor and homeowner takes into account the critical factors that may influence the wall and should be recommended for any of the following wall projects:

  • Wall height exceeds three feet
  • Slope at the top or bottom of the wall
  • Loading on the top of the wall
    (driveways, parking lots, or buildings)
  • Poor soil conditions
  • Presence of water
  • Tiers or terraces

You may contact your local Authorized Dealer or Lockcrete Bauer to have your wall reviewed.

Note: This service is provided free of charge and is intended for preliminary estimating purposes only. Review by a qualified engineer should be completed prior to construction.

Residential engineering is required for more complex and critical projects—i.e. heavy loadings, extreme heights, and difficult site conditions. Many municipalities require stamped engineered drawings for wall heights as low as four feet. It is the responcibility of the property owner to check with their municipality on the specific requirements for residential engineering for projects in their area.

A properly designed retaining wall will be a long-lasting and valuable addition to your property.


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