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Lockcrete Bauer is the Retaining Wall Division for
The Bauer Company, Inc. a subsidiary of the Snyder Associated Companies, Inc. and has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Keystone Retaining Wall Products in the Tri-state region since 1995.

Geo-grid Properties of Geo-grid
Geo-grid is used to reinforce and stabilize the backfill area behind a wall. Additionally through its connection with the Keystone fiberglass pins, the geo-grid acts as a tieback to maintain the position of the wall face. Retaining walls 3’ or higher may require geo-grid.
  • high tensile strength
  • long-term creep resistance
  • open geometry for interlock
  • non-degradable
  • “off-the-shelf” availability

The advantages of geo-grid reinforced structure include:

  • Economical construction by utilizing site soils for the reinforced fill zone.
  • Construct walls faster; the wall structure and backfill are constructed at the same time.
  • Eliminates the need for deep structural footing and excavation due to flexible system design.
  • Provides durability; long term performance, resists effects of water, micro-organisms, alkali or acidic soils.
  • Allows a structural wall to be built with an architectural finish.
The gravel is only contained by the walls of the box. Without reinforcement the gravel collapses when the walls are removed. Geo-grid is added between
layers of gravel.
When the walls are removed the layers of geo-grid maintain the shape of the gravel block.

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