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Lockcrete Bauer is the Retaining Wall Division for
The Bauer Company, Inc. a subsidiary of the Snyder Associated Companies, Inc. and has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Keystone Retaining Wall Products in the Tri-state region since 1995.


Step 1:Excavate reinforced soil area.

Remove existing soils in the reinforced soil area to the maximum embedment length of the geo-grid design. Provide a generally level soil condition behind the wall units for the placement of each geo-grid layer.

Step 4: Secure Geo-grid.

Pull the pinned geo-grid taut to eliminate loose folds. Stake or secure back edge of geo-grid before and during backfill and compaction. Remove stakes, if desired, once backfill is placed. Place additional sections of geo-grid, abutting each other, for continuous coverage at each layer.

Step 2: Cut Geo-grid.

Cut sections from geo-grid roll to the specified length (embedment depth). Geo-grid roll direction is from the wall toward the embankment (check manufacturer's criteria). In most cases correct orientation is to roll the geo-grid perpendicular to the wall face.

Step 5: Install next course of Keystone units.

Check for level with each new course.

Step 3: Install Geo-grid.

Hook geo-grid over the fiberglass pins to ensure a positive mechanical connection between the unit and geo-grid

Step 6: Place compacted backfill over geo-grid in 8” lifts.

Provide a minimum of six inches reinforced fill coverage prior to driving equipment over the geo-grid with wheeled or tracked equipment. Avoid driving or turning equipment directly on geo-grid to avoid excessive damage.

Geo-grid roll direction is from the wall toward the embankment,
perpendicular to the wall face.


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